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Cica Cushion: Nakeup Face One Night Cushion Review [JOLSE]

Hi guys, today I will be reviewing the Cica cushion as you guys know I am obsessed with cica care products and have review quit a lot including the cica powder. Nakeup Face one night cushion is a beautiful cushion which is provided by Jolse for the review purpose. I was super excited when I first see the packaging and the ingredient list make me want to try it more than ever.


This is the only cushion allowing you to go to bed without washing it. Ingredients with EWG certified green grade don’t affect your skin even when you can’t wash your face.
Compound of safe and pernicious free ingredients. Containing minimized pernicious ingredients with no paraben, talc, artificial pigment, artificial fragrance or ammonia.
Pure and radiant glowing face. Patented technology for light tone skin without crumpling feeling.
For skin protecting, suppressing, improving, moisturizing, covering, nourishing and even skin caring. BB cushion containing 24 ingredients for skin suppression and recovery that are available to use after dermatological treatment.


The Nakeup Face cushion contains the deep sea water deep ocean water instead of normal water which contains 10x more minerals than the purified water which relieve stress and enhance moisture in skin. It also contains my favorite ingredient centella asiatica extract which helps in protecting the skin barrier and relief the skin. Madecassoside which helps in repairing the damaged skin, Mulberry root extract is great for calming the sensitive skin, Pathenol moisturize the skin deeply, Portulaca extract relief the stressed skin, Cactus extract helps in reduction of active oxygen of the skin, Tea tree leaf extract well known for relieving acne prone skin and Cornflower water helps in calming down the redness of the skin.

My skin type: I have sensitive, dry to combination skin with the acne and pore problem and I also have scars and acne spot.


The packaging of this is on point , it looks stunning and is one of the most appealing factor about this cushion. It is squarish shape compact with beautiful rose gold packaging with the tons of tons of sparkly champagne and beige glitter. I am personally a sucker of a squarish shape and glittery products so i fell in love with its packaging at first sight. As any other cushion it has a mirror and came with the puff which is black in color, is antibacterial and is pretty dense and smooth which helps in even application. Another good thing about the Nakeup face cushions is that refills are available separately as well so you can save some money but the product itself does not came with extra refill.

It came in only two shades (01) Ivory nude and (02) beige nude which is such a shame as many Korean brands like Innisfree, Etude house, Apieu and Espoir are even coming with more shades which goes at least till the medium skin tone. I choose the shade 2 which is beige nude (shade 22-23 in Korean), just like any other cushion the shade looks bit darker in the pan but once it is applied on the skin it is way light in color. Sometimes the 23 or the 2 number matches my skin very well but sometimes it’s too light or dark but this one was okay, a lisle bit light but nothing that I can't work with. This Nakeup Face cushion has a neutral tone which is great as some of the Korean shades goes more to the pink and cooler tone side.

The concept of this cushion is quite unique as it is the first cushion which is suggested that you can wear it while sleeping as it will not cause any irritation or problem to your skin. I like the ingredients list overall and my skin does like this cushion as well. It does not provide the full coverage but to me I think it gives more of a light to medium coverage (natural) as it does not hide my acne spots very well and they can be seen even after applying two to three layers.

It has a slightly dewy finish which makes it look more natural and I think it is not very buildable but if you try to build it up layers after layers it can make your skin look cakey otherwise It gives a pretty natural and subtle finish. It does have a mild herbal-centella scent to it which I like personally.

The formulation of the Nakeup face cushion is great. I really like how it feels super lightweight on my skin and gives a soothing sensitization on application and afterward as well whenever I wear it I forgot that I have even any makeup on. As it contains centella asiastica extract I think I let my guard down as I am relieved that i will not be getting any acne or my pores are not going to clog. It does not feel heavy or suffocate my skin. It does help with reducing the redness but not with the dark spots so if you want to hide the hyperpigmentation or spots you have to apply concealer with it.

One night cushion lasts for 4 to 6 hours without touch ups and like any other cushion it does crease under my eyes. Overall it does not crease as much as other cushions do excluding my under eyes everything looks well throughout the day. It started to fade away after 6 hours but still the skin looks supple and beautiful which I really like about this cushion. It does not move around but can be transfer when you touch the face. To make it last for longer time period and to avoid transfer its better to set it with powder.

Even though it is safe to sleep with one night cushion on I haven’t test it but inclusively the performance of One night cushion by Nakeup Face is very nice.


Overall it’s a nice daily cushion which can be used by every skin type especially great for the sensitive skin which are looking for natural to medium coverage cushion with the nice ingredients. For the acne prone skin I will also recommend it as the ingredients are great.

[Update] It is available at Jolse now.

Have you guys tried this cushion yet or any of Nakeup Face products? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section belowThanks for reading will see you beauties with the new post,loads of love for more reviews click on the banner below.

NOTE: The product may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin type and skin requirements. The product is provided for the review purpose but all opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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