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Review: CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher + Swatches

Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review and Swatches

Today I will be reviewing the Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher, I don’t know why I am always scared of cream blushes but yeah sometimes they can be totally mess for me and I know there are many people out there who can relate to me especially when the cream blush wants to remove the foundation you spend your last hour on to apply (uhhh the real nightmare). As I love Clio cushions I dare to try their cream blushes because 80 percent of the time Clio’s killed it. (For me at least..)


These CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher claims to provide the natural looking beautiful and delicate transparent color with the airy texture which melts into the skin and adhere well to the skin. It has a Light scattering powder that evenly spreads on your skin and cotton seed extracts help consistent adhesion. You get the 4.5g of product in these blusher pots.


One of the reason is to try these Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher that I love the shade range as well, there are not many shades to choose from but yeah six is better than three or four shades.
It has nudes to pink to red but sadly no brown shade which hopefully they will extend this line further in future.

#01 Surprise Me is described as a cherry red shade.
#02 Watch Out is described as the dry rose color.
#03 Most Wanted is the color pink.
#04 Match Maker is the defined as coral orange shade.
#05 Keep It Real as a peach nude shade.
#06 Sweet As You is defined as the lavender pink color.

NOTE BY CLIO: As these blushers contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients, sweating on the product may occur if temperature changes are severe or stored at high temperatures which is totally normal. 


There is no ingredient list mentioned anywhere so the only ingredients mentioned are that it includes the Light scattering powder and cotton seed extracts.


CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review

I will be reviewing the shade #02 Watch Out and #05 Keep It Real, I choose the colors on the base of lighter to darker shade in the collection which will help me how well they perform and is the formulation and performance is similar throughout the line.

First comes the packaging, I overall adore the packaging of these, the transparent pots are pretty sturdy and I love the minimal yet on the point packaging. The matte finished lids of the products are similar to the shade you are getting which makes it more convenient as you can see the shade you are picking up no matter how you put them in your stash.

HOW TO APPLY: It is directed to be applied with the fingers or brushes but I mostly prefer to apply with fingers.

Starting with the texture is more on the soft creamy side but when you start rubbing or tapping it on the skin it feels velvety and very light in texture but I have noticed one thing that if your tap, you get the satin to dewy finish but if you rub it in, these Clio Veil Blushers gives the matte finish. They do feel moisturizing on the skin which I actually like.

What’s the most important point of cream blushes for me is how they blend and how they look on the skin because some can actually make your skin look worse by enhancing the skin texture and pores especially. These blushers by Clio blends easily does not look patchy even on the top of powder which really amazed me and sets right into the skin without showing most of the skin imperfections.
CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher 
CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Review

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher

The Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher starts to fade away after 6-8 hours if not set well but overall they do become more like your skin as the time pass. They do not have any scent to them and does not feel tacky or uncomfortable on the bare skin even.


CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Watch Out

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Watch Out

Let’s talk about the shade I choose now, the watch out is a beautiful color which I can easily work with even though it is the darkest color and as Clio described it, this is actually a dry rose shade which when applied lightly can be perfect for natural daily makeup but again no matter how much you apply they will sit beautifully on the skin.


CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Keep It Real

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Keep It Real

As these are more of veil blushers which are supposed to be natural and when I applied the #05 keep it real, it looks pretty and very natural but then after sometime It feels like I haven’t applied any blush in straight words this one lack pigmentation and does not go well for me, it is described as peachy nude but it is more of  a nude on my skin tone for the people with the lighter skin this could be peachy nude but this is not for me. Whenever I use it I have to use the #02 watch out as the main shade in the center to get that gradient effect which actually looks pretty. 


Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blusher Swatches

CLIO Pro Tinted Veil Blusher watcj out and Keep It Real  Swatches

If I have to choose I will highly recommend the watch out shade because it is really pretty, I am definitely going to try the other shades soon because it’s hard to find a good cream blush and these Clio ones are pretty good and especially for the price you are paying. Overall the formulation is amazing and they are very different yet nice blushes.

These Clio Pro Tinted Veil Blushers are available at Jolse on sale and right now these are cheapest prices you can find online.

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NOTE: The products may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin type and skin requirements. The product is provided for the review purpose but all opinions are my own and are unbiased.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Review: Innisfree Extreme UV protection stick outdoor and It’s Skin UV Layer Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++

Innisfree Extreme UV protection stick outdoor and It’s Skin UV Layer Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ Review

Today I will be reviewing the new beauty trend that hit hard this summer in Korea and that are sun sticks, I know they have been around for a while but not many people or brands are into them before 2018. Many brands came with the new formulated and lightweight sunscreens which feels less waxy on the skin and are more comfortable. I don’t think there is the Famous Korean brand which hasn’t own their Sun Stick. Today I am reviewing the two of the newly released Sun sticks. There are some brands which you can always trust with your skin, for me its Innisfree so yes I have to try their Sun stick as well I heard always that It’s skin is underrated brand internationally so I am also going to be trying their sun stick.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Review : Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip

Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip Review

If I remember correctly it’s been two years now when I discover the Mamonde and at that time all of the K-Beauty lovers were crazy over the Rosewater toner and then their lip tint balms. I personally love their Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense which I will be reviewing soon (hopefully). This year Mamonde came out with the new Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip and I love the lipstick squeezing concept and plus It contains rose water for which they are famous for all over the world.

Saturday, 25 August 2018


Hi Guys, today I will be sharing a new Korean beauty subscription box called “Joah Box” which I finally get to try and I am so happy that I did because this box contains a lot of great products that I am actually excited about. There are few products on my wish list which actually I got this in this month Joah box. I know Beauty Subscription can be sometimes overwhelming as it’s hard to tell which one is actually worth your money and will always provide great services.


“We Make People Worldwide Explore Korean Beauty Products Depending On Their Needs”
Joah box was founded in 2017, Joah Box recruits the best and newest Korean makeup brands and skin care products. They help people in exploring the right products according to one’s skin needs and what they actually want. They believe that their products innovativeness and quality deserve to be recognized all over the world. From High-end Korean brands to the smaller Korean brands they will make sure to provide every new gem from the Korean beauty industry to their customers via Joah monthly subscription boxes.



Each box includes 5 to 7 full-size Korean beauty products including the makeup, skincare, nail care, beauty tools and etc. which actually retails double price which you are paying for JoahBox.
They ship the latest and greatest K-beauty treats straight from Korea and with FREE worldwide shipping.
You can get your JoahBox for only $33 per month. However, it would be way cheaper if you subscribe 3/6/12 months plans! (Can find the details and prices here)

Why makes Joah box extra special is, you can actually put your beauty profile details on your registered JoahBox account which will help them to pick the best monthly products for your skin type.


I got the August Joah Box which contains some of these products which include the Korean skincare and makeup.
As they sent the skincare products according to the different skin types. What makes me happy is that they add the pamphlet to make sure that you get all the details about the products you are getting in your monthly box with the extra Joah tips which makes it so easy for the beginners even.

I got both TRE-HY 8.0 and Cool Night Peel-off Mask by Chica Y Chico but if one has Dry skin then you would have got the TRE-HY 8.0 cream and if you need something to tone up and soothe your skin you would have got Cool Night Peel-off Mask.


Starting with the Chica Y Chico Cool Night Peel-off Mask which is formulated with three kinds of mint, aloe vera extracts, green tea leaf, wheat sprout and Centella asiatica extracts to help in gentle exfoliation, soothing, tightening the pores, removing the excess oil and blackheads from the skin.

First Impression Of The Chica Y Chico Cool Night Peel-off Mask

Personally, I am not a huge fan of peel off mask but I have used it once and I have to say that it really cools down the skin and really helps in calming the skin. If you have sensitive skin make sure to patch test it first as some people cannot stand the cooling sensation it provides but I personally love it as I love skin coolers and ice rollers. It peels off really nicely I didn’t feel any pain which I was scared about it came off easily. For now, it is what I am going to use for summers, definitely going on my skincare shelf.
If you have sensitive skin it’s better to use it once in or week or after 8-10 days.


This cream is designed for dry skin to combination skin and contains the 8 percent of trehalose which relieves the dryness quickly. TRE-HY8.0 provides the triple coat deep moisturizing and extreme hydration effect with the help of Trehalose, hyaluronic Acid, and ceramide which keeps the skin moist and smooth.

First Impression Of The Chica Y Chico TR- HY8.0 Cream

Okay as you guys know that I use the retinoid treatment which makes my skin flaky and dry out the skin easily so I give this one a try for two days and dang I am surprised how this cream does not feel heavy for the function it performs. It’s more of gel cream which provides the amazing amount of hydration and makes the skin super soft and smooth. I will defiantly be doing the full detailed review on this one. These cream treatments by Chica Y Chico was actually on my wishlist so I am happy to try one of them.


Balsam Mask saves even the most weather-beaten and dry lips. It contains acacia honey, vitamin C, Betaine , trehalose and anti-oxidants rich in berry complex which helps in moisturize, protect the skin from the outer environment and revitalizes the tried skin while sleeping.

Review: Prreti Honey and Berry Lip Sleeping Mask

I am a huge fan of sleeping masks in general and secondly I am watching many people using Prreti products on the social media so I wanted to try their products. Finally here I am trying one and that a lip sleeping mask, this one came in the tub and has a thick slimy consistency which can be describe as honey texture as it contains the honey. I have tried it and I like the way it sits on the skin and gives more kind of glossy finish but I haven’t wowed by it yet. I will update on this soon but for now, it’s an okay product which moisturize the skin.



No more white cast, soft and retouch makeup! Blur pores, control shine, and tone down redness with the Chica Y Chico Matte Powder. This multi-tasking powder perfects the skin in a single swipe, flawlessly smoothing over pores while absorbing excess oil to keep your skin looking fresh and your makeup in place This powder came in 2 different colors pink and mint, I got the mint as I have redness to cancel out that while pink one helps in tone up the skin.

Review: Chica Y Chico Matte Powder


I have been eyeing for this cute litter loose powder for a while now and I am glad that somehow I end up trying this thanks to JoahBox. This is definitely is a winner for me, I think I will prefer more over the Innisfree no sebum powder, it is very finely milled powder with the matte finish. It also really helps with the blurring out the pores and smoothing out the texture of the skin. It does not provide much of white cast but just a little bit which helps in canceling out the redness. 



Overall hands down my favorite product from August Joahbox.


Adheres well to the skin and express the vivid and clear color. I t has a velvety texture which moisturize the skin and protect them from outer environment and also fits lightly without stickiness. JoahBox has the nude and neutral shades which can be worn by anyone. This range actually has six colors to choose from.

Review: Karadium Fullmoon Matte Pencil

coral moonlight

I got it in the shade #06 coral moonlight which can be simply defined as a brick red with a hint of coral, it is nicely pigmented, soft and easy to work with. This shade was also the editor pick so I am overall happy with this different yet totally wearable shade in my collection. This has velvet finish to it and adheres nicely to the lips but it can be little clingy on the dry areas and can make them more prominent so make sure to moisturize your lips before applying it. It’s more of a crayon pencil than just a lip pencil.
coral moonlight


coral moonlight swatches

Overall it has a nice sleek packaging the product itself lasts quite a long time and does not feel much on the lips. It really reminds me of the Mamonde creamy tint color balm intense which I love.


sheet mask

Made by 100 percent natural cotton, soft and light weighted contains 93% of the mild essence of the naturally occurring ingredients.
I haven’t used it yet but it really seems like an interesting and promising mask. I will do the review on the Instagram soon.

Overall my experience with Joahbox was really great, they provide the very friendly and quick customer services. I am happy with my August Joah Box and all the claims they make, they surely fit to that standards.

august joah box kbeauty

Have you guys ever try the JoahBox, if yes how was your experience?
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NOTE: The products may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin type and skin requirements. The product is provided for the review purpose but all opinions are my own and are unbiased.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Review : A. by BOM Ultra Bouquet Patch Mask

A. by BOM Ultra Bouquet Patch Mask Review

In Korean beauty industry every other day the new things are being introduced and many of them do not get attention but once they are under spotlight they become trend easily. Today I will be reviewing the trendy item which is Patch masks. Korea is all about patch masking lately as they are more convenient and it’s less likely to scar someone as they came in beautiful and cute forms. I am reviewing the newly released A. by Bom Ultra bouquet patch mask which is exclusively available at Be Mused Korea.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Review : Leegeehaam Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner

 Leegeehaam Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner Review
Lately I have seen that every single brand is coming with more AHA and BHA products and I haven’t seen any physical exfoliator lately which I am personally happy about as my skin does not react to the physical exfoliator and s chemical exfoliators are more gentle and goes well with my sensitive skin. I got a chance to try the Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 BHA toner which is specially designed for the people with the acne prone and sensitive skin and I am all about that .