Sunday, 11 March 2018

Makeup Favorites Of February

Hi guys, today I am going to share my favorite makeup products which I have been using in January and February. I thought I should start a new series where I can share my monthly favorites and you guys gets the gist whether this product is a good match for you are not. This series will contain the products that I have been enjoying the most with review of them. Most of them are Korean makeup products and there is no particular pattern of picking them up as you can see that there are two eye palettes, two cushions and two lip products. 


This is the one that I have been reaching out the most lately, because this cushion looks so good on the skin, it’s like my skin but better. The packaging and cushion itself is sleek and yet I think everyone can use it as it is build able to medium coverage and the finish is so good. I have done the whole detailed review on this moonshot cushion so make sure to check that out. 

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It is a multi-purpose product which act as a sun screen as it contain SPF50+/PA ++, it tones up the skin and moisturize the skin and act as a primer under makeup as well. The packaging is super adorable and cute. The case is matte pastel pink in color and just like any other cushion has a mirror and puff in it. The product itself is white and has pink color G9skin logo which helps in blending the product more naturally into the skin. 

It contains 50% moisturizing essence and 9 other ingredients which helps in soothing and moisturizing the skin.

This also claims to help in controlling skin oil and sebum but I don’t think this performs very well with that function but with other claims I do agree, my makeup stays on when I wear this as a primer and it does tone up the skin naturally and protects the skin from sun as well. It contains whitening and anti-wrinkle ingredients. On application it does feel really soothing and moisturizing and it is not heavy weight at all which I am happy about.

Overall it is a great multi-purpose product and I think many people will enjoy it.

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This lipstick is a luxury, from packaging to the pigmentation. It came in a glossy brownish-black packaging with the magnetic closure. The color is so bright and vivid, it is the brightest and the most pigmented orange lipstick I ever own. If you have pigmented lips do make sure to conceal them before. This lipstick is no doubt is super creamy that one swipe gives you the best coverage and pigmentation.

 If I have to describe this color it is more of a salmon- orange color with more orangish tint to it. I have fair to medium skin and I think this one suits either people with the fair skin or dark skin tone , not really an ideal color for medium skin tone but they do have many other shades so you can try them. What I notice is this lipstick does make my lip winkles more obvious which is maybe due to this bright lipstick shade. If you are looking for trying new lipstick I will definitely recommend to check the Heimish products as well. 

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The packaging is so stunning and luxurious, I seriously feel for packaging when I was buying it. Aprilskin has total of 3 shades in this collection and this is the no 1 and the darkest one which is a dark red color, with the scent of roses yes the name and the scent goes well .The pointed applicator makes the application precision easy without any mess.

This tint feels hydrated, light, gives a nice tint and the finish is glossy which makes it more comfortable. Before this gloss I was never a girl who wear gloss or any glossy finish lip product. Again will definitely recommend it. 

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This palette is such a gem and I truly love it, there is no way I can hate this palette. It is a very compact palette with the 10 stunning eye shadows. I cannot stress enough how great it is. If you are looking for mice daily routine to glittery party glam look this is the one you need in your life. I have done the whole separate blog post on this beauty with the swatches.
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To be honest i bought it by mistake and was not actually hoping this to work as the reviews online are pretty bad for this one but my experience with this one was totally opposite as i was amazed by the quality and i love how natural it looks and blends into the skin nicely. This Elf palette has two matte an two shimmer shades, it came in two different options and i got the no. 1, bronzed beauty which is a lighter shade.

The shades are pretty subtle and mostly i use the pink tone bronzer as a blush and the shimmer in this bronzer palette looks natural and the overall formula is buttery as well. 

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I never thought that I will like the glossy/ vinyl finish black eye liner in my life but here we are. NYX did a great job and I love everything about this mascara. The brush is super precis and done its job nicely.I am not a fan of glossy black eyeliner but i will sure try the matte version of the liner.

 It is a beautiful black eyeliner which can create a really nice angled eye look without looking harsh. Overall a nice product by NYX Cosmetics.

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After the whole Kbeauty world is raving about how good this one in particular is ! I have to try it and guys! This stuff is amazing, I love glitter in general and this one is such a beautiful glittery eyeliner. It is champagne with little rose gold and multi-dimensional glitter (mostly green). It has pointy brush applicator which helps in applying in detail. The formula is not that chunky and is more on the liquidy side, the glitter particles does not irritate or fall out.

My favorite way to apply it as a eyeshadow topper or as all over the lid or under the eyes. It looks stunning everywhere.

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This concealer is pretty famous and now that I have it, I know the exactly reason why it is so famous. The saem tip concealer came in three shade in total which is only down side of this concealer plus they have 4-5 different types of concealer including this one and basically all of them are pretty famous. 

This is so creamy and pigmented and this one blends so amazingly into the skin, the doe foot applicator makes application easy.This is the medium shade called natural beige and this one is perfect for my under eyes area, it covers my dark circles super easily. Just like any other concealer this does crease under my eyes but once you set it with the powder it stays on all day long. Will highly recommend it. 

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I have raved about this so much times on my Instagram but I think I never even discuss it on my blog. You surely have seen this in many youtube bloggers videos because they love it and tati make me buy it. This palette is such a beauty like I seriously prefer etude house wine part and this milani palette over my other palettes. This came in beautiful gold packaging with the absolute stunning six shadows and a duo sided brush which actually was not that bad and I use it pretty often. The pigmentation, colors and everything about this palette is perfecto. 

The first shade is the most beautiful sheen champagne shade, next is a matte camel color and next to it is a burnt orange matte shade. Next in the row is the beautiful metallic brown shade. The last two are a peachy pinky shade with the satin finish and last one is a metallic copper shade. Definitely one of the best Drugstore product I have ever tried. 

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Have you guys tried any of these products? do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Thanks for reading will see you beauties with the new post,loads of love for more reviews click on the banner below.

NOTE: The product may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin type and skin requirements. All opinions are my own and are unbiased.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Purito Centella Pads Review

Purito Centella Green Level All In One Mild Pad
Today we are here with another cica care product, which works quickly and are effective as well. Exfoliating pads are one of my obsession and my favorite brand Purito launched their own exfoliating pads so I definitely have to try them. Purito launches the line for sensitive skin type and guess the main ingredient is Centella Asiatica and that is my favorite ingredient because when my skin is reacting bit weird which is mostly a case i reach for all my Centella Asiatica products. Centella Asiatica is really simple ingredients yet quite effective and right now Kbeauty is going for simple yet effective skincare products and centella is one on the top of the lists in ingredients. 
My Holy grail product is Innisfree Bija cica balm and I have already talked about it so many times so lets get into the review to know how much I rate this Purito Centella mild pads.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party Palette Review + Swatches

I don't know but something happened and I lost the whole post and I am still in shock and no idea how it got deleted from drafts but yeah here i am writing after two weeks just because i got demotivated so easily and while this period i have tested the Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party Palette few more times and lets be honest i was always scared to try Korean or Asian eye shadows as they are tend to be way less pigmented but then i was like I don't use too much of product on my eyes either so when Etude House came up with the #Wineparty palette, that feels like those beautiful shades are meant for me and seriously i will definitely go for those shades.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Purito Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence Review

If you guys have been reading my blog lately you know that I have been loving the Fermented skincare products and when Purito came out with the fermented products i got super excited as i literally love Purito and their products are so good and they deserve so much more love.

The basic concept about the Fermented skincare is that they absorbs way better and deeper into the skin and easily as well which gives way better results than normal skincare products.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Cica Powder! By 8 Beauty Review

Cica is my first love and i was damn sure about it after i discover the Innisfree Bija Cica Balm and to be honest my skin loves cica so there is no way i can say no to it, it really soothes my skin as i have acne prone sensitive skin this is ingredient that i will highly recommend to the people who have similar skin as mine. Every thing with the word cica attracts me so much that i have to try, today i will reviewing the 8 Beauty Silk Crystal Snow White Loose Powder also known as cica powder.

What actually Cica is? It is term derived from word cicatrisation and was named after an efficacy component called centella asiatica , meaning 'regenerating the wound'. There are many products avialable right now in the especially in the Kbeauty world by the name Cica, Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside commonly and these are introduced for the people with the sensitive skin and irritated skin especially.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Primer For Pores! Beautify By Amna Porfade Primer Review

Review on Porfade Primer
I am always looking for the primer who can hide my pores when i am wearing makeup, for that I mostly ignore the shimmer blushes as well as they enhance the large pores and texture of your skin. My skin type is acne prone which is pretty sensitive as well. Just like other people I have scars, textured skin and pores problem, even though my pores are a lot better right now. I have been trying many pore fading primers lately which includes the Lorac and and Elf cosmetic primers which I will review in my upcoming posts.