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Cica Powder! By 8 Beauty Review

Cica is my first love and i was damn sure about it after i discover the Innisfree Bija Cica Balm and to be honest my skin loves cica so there is no way i can say no to it, it really soothes my skin as i have acne prone sensitive skin this is ingredient that i will highly recommend to the people who have similar skin as mine. Every thing with the word cica attracts me so much that i have to try, today i will reviewing the 8 Beauty Silk Crystal Snow White Loose Powder also known as cica powder.

What actually Cica is? It is term derived from word cicatrisation and was named after an efficacy component called centella asiatica , meaning 'regenerating the wound'. There are many products avialable right now in the especially in the Kbeauty world by the name Cica, Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside commonly and these are introduced for the people with the sensitive skin and irritated skin especially.


Made of pure silk crystal-gold complex and plant extract.

Modulating moisture and absorbing excess oil and sebum on the skin.

Helping to protect skin from strong sunlight.

Covering flaws and brightening skin tones up.

"A Miracle for Your Skin"


When you want to produce smooth and elegant skin without irregularities.
When you are worried about skin contamination for sebum control and skin protection.
When you want a light makeup.
When you want to calm your troubled skin.


Silk Powder (95%), Zeolite, Colloidal Gold, Centella Asiatica Extract, Morus Alba Extract, Punica Granatum Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil, Menthol, Aroma

Skin Recovery with Centella asiatica Extract.To calm Sensitive skin! Green tea extract and mint ingredients calms sensitive skin and is suitable for troublesome skin 100% Natural ingredients 95% silk crystal  and gold complex and 5% natural propolis without using any artificial coloring matter, tulk, titanium dioxide silicon. 100% natural loose powder.

Colloidal Gold revitalize the skin. Lotus/ green tea extract helps in soothing the skin and protect the skin against the Strong sunlight and external environment.

Silk crystal Self-weight more than 50 times Combined with water molecules to enhance moisture.Pomegranate extract has Vitamin C which brighten the skin and helps with collagen synthesis. Audi Extract is known to be effective on skin elasticity. Green tea extract also Helps prevent spots and freckles and helps to contract pores.

This powder does not contain any skin irritation factors like Talc, TiO2, ZnO and Silicone and contains 17g of product. 

Find more information on ingredients  at Cosdna.


The packaging is the most stunning thing about this product in general and what i love most about it is that it is not just a beautiful packaging with the attractive printing and design but it can be your lucky charm because the things printed on it are actually the most famous eight lucky symbols.

The eight lucky symbols includes the Horseshoe which is according to the west can bring good luck to you. A Lucky Bag  which is in Korea made to pray for the blessing on the new year. An Owl stands for longevity ad wealth (in east)  and symbolizes wisdom (in west).An Elephant symbolized the longevity, trust and blessing. A Lady Bug, A Four-Leaf Clover, A Clam shell and A red horn are the other lucky symbols are printed on the 8 Beauty Silk Crystal Snow White Powder Packaging.


The Cica powder came in a beautiful big Card board container which is pretty sturdy. Inside which it has a fluffy powder puff with the green silk ribbon made into  bow which is actually handy to apply the powder.The powder is finely milled and feels soft and smooth on touch.As this container is too big to travel with or to carry around they also provide the extra compact which has again super pretty in packaging and has a puff and mirror in it. The compact has a  mesh covering on it to control the product which is perfect to carry around in the purse and easy for touch ups. The powder itself can be called translucent even though it is not as white as most translucent powders are and is more on the off white side, the scent is really pleasing and is mild just like Innisfree mineral powder but more sweet and calming scent.

Even though it is used to mattify your face and for the use on the top of skincare but i also used it after applying my makeup and girl the results are no different it does not give white cast and mattify the skin. It does not feel cakey or uncomfortable on the skin. My skin has been not so good in conditions and gets irritated but this really helps and does reduce the irritation and redness on my skin.

Overall i am loving it so much, As right no its winter i just apply it once and does not touch up though out the day but still the face stay pretty well through out the day. Will definitely recommend it, even though it is a high end but yeah you are getting a nice amount with the great ingredients. I have been reaching to it way more than any powder even more than my innisfree mineral powder.

you can order yours Here .

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NOTE: The product may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin types and skin requirements. The product mentioned above was provided for the Review purpose but all opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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